Danny Eytan

Danny completed medical school and a PhD in neuroscience and biophysics at the Technion institute of technology in Israel. Later he continued his research training as an Aly Kaufman postdoctoral fellow studying dynamics and adaptation processes in network of cortical neurons. After completing of his pediatric residency at Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, Israel, Danny continued to a clinical and research fellowship in pediatric critical care at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Danny currently works as a staff physician in the pediatric critical care unit at Rambam Medical Center and holds an appointment as an assistant professor at the Technion.

His research interests include advanced patient monitoring and applied systems physiology. He focuses on combining tools from diverse fields such as machine learning and nonlinear dynamical systems to create better physiological models and improve prediction of disease and patient’s states and trajectories. Essentially, he is trying to implement a personalized medicine approach for critically-ill children whose clinical state evolves on a minute by minute basis by using the patient’s “physiome” and clinical attributes.

Keywords/Tags: translational physiology, critical care, physiological modelling, patient monitoring

Email: danny.eytan@sickkids.ca
Location: Haifa, Israel